Hi, my name is Sydney Friest, and I am a senior at Iowa State pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design with a secondary major in Environmental Studies. I have a background in photography and calligraphy. I enjoy a variety of design work, including branding, package design, typography, and print design. My passion as a designer is to use these skills to educate and spread awareness of the natural environment, sustainability, and agriculture.
In 2023, I was a Graphic Design intern at the National Pork Board, a program sponsored by the USDA put in place to represent all U.S. pork producers. I am a member of the Graphic Design Social Club at Iowa State. I also own my own creative business, Friest Designs, where I create products from small stickers to large signage. When I’m not designing, I enjoy traveling, hiking, photography, skiing, and playing board and card games.
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